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Free Comic Book Day 2015 at Alpha Comics with Chris Peterson & Nick Johnson

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Save the date! Saturday, May 2nd Alpha Comics will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is a single day – the first Saturday in May each year – when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores. Every comic shop has their own rules and selection may vary. This year FCBD is May 2nd. At Alpha Comics you will be able to receive any four comics from the FCBD selection absolutely FREE, no purchase necessary. See below for all the comics that will be available for FCBD while supplies last. Alpha Comics will be open early on FCBD at 10am. Arrive early as stock is limited.

Guest artists Christopher Peterson and Nick Johnson will be here pumping out sketches.

First 30 People in Line for FCBD Get a FREE Grab Bag of MORE FREE Comics!

Free Comic Book Day is already “Christmas for comic fans” but lets make the day even better.
The first 30 people lined up will receive a ticket. At the counter turn in your ticket for a free grab bag.
What inside the grab bag? One graphic novel, six free comics, and a rare variant edition comic.*

Check out this year’s selection of FCBD. Quantities are limited:

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*Grab bag intended for ages 16 and up. May contain inappropriate material for young readers.


MUSKOKA Launch Signing with Steven Charles Rosia April 15th


Alpha Comics is pleased to announce the return of Steven Charles Rosia. His new comic, MUSKOKA will be here for Steven to sign on April 15th. Be sure to swing by!


Top Ten Comics Subscriptions at Alpha Comics. April 2015


Now and then Alpha Comics will share what are the top subscribed to comics at the store. We offer an in-store subscription service that helps us help you to make sure you get the comics you want. Compare to last year to see how things have changed.

10. Wytches
9. All-New X-Men
8. East of West
7. Princess Leia
6. Darth Vader
5. Deadpool
4. Saga
3. Star Wars
2. Batman
1. Amazing Spider-Man


Congratulations to Caanan Grall – Winner of Calgary Artist Challenge IX



Our Calgary Artist Challenge IX judge, Chip Zdarsky has made his picks for the top three challengers!

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Caanan Grall

2. Nick Johnson

3. Anna

CAM HAYDEN: Excellent use of stippling. VERY erotic depictions of ducks.

JARET MURPHY: I’m stealing this idea. Love, Chip.

NICK JOHNSON: You’ve wonderfully captured the life of a private investigator. Also, my life.

STEVEN CHARLES ROSIA: I want to adopt that duck and I want to eat that pig. Bravo!

CAANAN GRALL: You read the comic! And drew an amazing Gatherer. This is beautiful. YOU are beautiful.

ANNA: You have perfectly summed up the 80s with this. Amazing.

ROBERTO DUQUE: I legally cannot respond to this (but it’s great)

DARREN LA ROSE: A duck of mystery! I like it.

MARK MATCHEM: I love it. I’m picturing that the cover is all of them posing at a SEARS portrait studio.

I just want everyone to know that you’re ALL winners, except for everyone who lost.

FIRST PLACE: Caanan Grall.
SECOND PLACE: Nick Johnson

This was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make (my life is pretty easy)


Thanks to Chip Zdarsky and all of the challengers! See everyone’s art here.


Calgary Artist Challenge IX Howard the Duck Covers

Howard the Duck, trapped in a world he never made. Now starring in a new series by Marvel comics. Local artist accepted the challenge of drawing a Howard the Duck. Here are all the entries.


Cam Hayden



Jaret Murphy



Nick Johnson



Steven Charles Rosia



Caanan Grall






Roberto Duque



Darren La Rose




Mark Matchem



Mayday Launch Signing with Curt Pires and Chris Peterson UPDATE: POSTPONED



UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances the launch date for Mayday #1 the signing has been postponed. A new date will be announced soon.. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We are pleased to announce the return of Curt Pires and Chris Peterson to Alpha Comics! Visit March 25th between 12-6pm to meet the writer and artist of Mayday.


MAYDAY #1 (OF 4) (MR)
(W) Curt Pires (A/CA) Chris Peterson
A washed-up, drug-addicted screenwriter and a transgender bartender stumble onto a Satanic cult’s plan to sacrifice people all across LA (geomapped in the form of a pentagram, of course) and bring on Armageddon. As our intrepid, damaged heroes embark on a suicide mission to stop the crazy cultists, even they wonder if this is all really happening or if they’re just plain crazy. Probably both. The latest project from Curt Pires (POP) sees him teaming with art sensation Chris Peterson (Grindhouse) for a story that cuts to the very center of Hollywood mythology and depravity itself.




Calgary Artist Challenge IX



This is a public invite for all local artists to visit Alpha Comics on Wednesday, March 11th. The challenge is to create the best cover for Howard the Duck #1. You will be given one copy of the the Howard the Duck #1 blank variant. Then at the store, use your art skills to create a cover that will make jaws drop. Bring your own supplies. There is no restriction with medium, only that the art has to be on the blank variant. Alpha Comics will be open 11am – 9pm that day and artists can visit anytime on that date to work on and submit their cover. Art must be done in the store. Each submitted cover will be scanned and uploaded to On Thursday March 12th entries will viewed by our guest judge. Prizes will be awarded to the top three covers as decided by Howard the Duck writer, Chip Zdarsky. (Guest judge will not be appearing in the store, they will be sent scans of the entries to view.)

Why should you participate?
This event will showcase local art, supporting the local artist community.
Your art will be exposed to thousands of people who are paying attention to Alpha Comics on the internet, including industry pros and comic fans across North America.
Prizes include blank variants that you’ll be able to create art on and sell at conventions or online. First place winner will receive a Copic marker set, the best markers used by industry pros.


3rd prize - Three Howard the Duck #1  blank variants.

2nd prize – Five Howard the Duck #1blank variants.

1st prize – Five Howard the Duck #1 blank variants.  Copic Markers 12-Piece Neutral Gray Set

Limited copies of the Howard the Duck #1 blank variant will be ordered. Email

Alpha Comics to R.S.V.P. and secure a copy or if you have any questions.



Curb Stomp Launch with writer Ryan Ferrier at Alpha Comics February 25th.



Alpha Comics is pleased to announce that Ryan Ferrier will be returning to the shop to launch his new comic Curb Stomp! Visit Alpha Comics on Wednesday, February 25th between 2 and 8pm to meet Ryan Ferrier. Don’t miss his other new release, D4VE!


(W) Ryan Ferrier (A) Devaki Neogi (CA) Tula Lotay
WHY WE LOVE IT: Punk rock isn’t dead…yet. Turf wars, breaking rules, crushing violence, and Black Flag-these are a few of our favorite things, and we can’t wait for Curb Stomp to straightup
knock our teeth out (in a good way).
WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Writer Ryan Ferrier (D4VE) is a creator on the rise, and newcomer Devaki Neogi’s art will hook you with its aggressiveness but keep you coming back with its heart. Curb Stomp is an unflinching, visceral look at the lengths one woman will go to protect her friends, her family, and her home-perfect for fans of Rat Queens and the seminal ’70s cult-favorite film The Warriors.
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Three gangs. Five girls. No way out. Machete Betty leads a small gang of women under the selfappointed task of protecting their home of Old Beach, one of three boroughs surrounding a rich metropolitan city. When Betty takes the life of a rival gang member in an act of self-defense, she sets off a chain reaction of retaliation, gang warfare, and unlikely allies. It’s up to the The Fever-Machete Betty, Derby Girl, Bloody Mary, Daisy Chain, and Violet Volt-to defend their turf at all costs.



Marvel Presents the Second of Three New Series Banners For SECRET WARS!


Press Release – New York, NY—January 22, 2015— The Marvel Universe has been destroyed! One by one, each and every universe across the cosmos has been eliminated. All that exists is a new, patchwork planet made up of the remains of decimated universes.  Today, Marvel is proud to announce BATTLEWORLD, which joins LAST DAYS as two of the three unique umbrella brands of titles launching during Secret Wars!

“If you want the full story of what’s happening across the surface of this new planet,  BATTLEWORLD branded titles are for you,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “Who polices Battleworld? How do the various domains interact? What happens when those domains go to war?  What strange, never-before-seen creatures inhabit this world? What familiar faces will make appearances? Fans who want to fully understand how each sector interacts with the others can’t miss out on these books!”

Titles carrying the BATTLEWORLD banner will focus on the interworking and interaction of all the domains now fused together throughout the one and only remaining planet! The Secret Wars are waged as the last remaining fragments of dead universes fight for survival. Who rules these domains? Who comes out on top? Who lives? Who dies?

“The inner machinations of Secret Wars happen here,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “BATTLEWORLD branded titles will be clearly marked through the Marvel Previews solicits as well as with well distinguished cover trade dress, this way both retailers and fans will know what they’re getting. Think of these as the new core monthly titles. “

What secrets are about to be revealed? Find out this may as Secret Wars enters BATTLEWORLD!


Congratulations to Jen Marie, Winner of Calgary Artist Challenge VIII!


Our Calgary Artist Challenge VIII judge, Cameron Stewart has made his picks for the top three challengers!

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Jen Marie

2. Nick Johnson

3. Christopher Peterson

Thanks to Cameron Stewart and all of the challengers! See everyone’s art here.